Digestive Issues? Try Nutritional Response Testing for Help

Digestive-Issues-Lombino-ChiropracticDigestive issues like heart-burn, stomach pain, ulcers, constipation, reflux and the like, are growing at an alarming rate. In fact, it’s safe to say that you may suffer or, at least, know someone who suffers from some form of digestive issue.

One recent Swedish study found that 6 percent of the population suffers from some digestive issues daily and 14 percent weekly. That is a staggering number for sure. The effects are not only uncomfortable or painful but can also lead to bloating, inability to remove toxins from the body, esophagus damage, reduced nutritional absorption among other long-term ill health effects.

Although there are numerous causes of digestive issues, sometimes a nutritional deficiency is at the root of the problem. Sometimes, there is not enough hydrochloric acid in the stomach which causes the food actually to rot or putrify rather than digest properly, producing acid and gas causing all sorts of issues like reflux.

Medications often give short-term relief, but the problem still exists, and nutritional uptake, as well as digestion, is often compromised, causing other health issues. Still other causes may stem from a lack of good intestinal flora which is needed to digest food as the human body does not directly digest food but instead relies on this good flora to do the job. Constipation is so often associated with lack of flora as well.

If you suffer from any digestive issue or any health issue the first thing you must ask yourself is “How is this issue affecting my life?” “Am I irritable, bloated, short tempered with my spouse or children, is it tough getting through the day at work?” “What will happen if this situation continues for any length of time?”

If you are ready to make a change finally, there is hope in Nutrition Response Testing®. Although not everyone qualifies to be a Nutrition Response Testing® patient, the first thing we must do is to assess you to see if Nutrition Response Testing® may help you.

If you are a candidate for Nutrition Response Testing®, we feel nothing will help as much. Nutrition Response Testing is a natural, safe, and precise analysis to help locate stressed areas of the body, any nutritional deficiencies associated and giving the exact “whole food” supplements necessary to improve ones’ health.