Skin Conditions And Other Health Concerns

Skin Conditions And Other Health Concerns: Most of us have experienced or at least known someone with skin conditions. Symptoms may range from rashes, itchiness, redness, burning or even scaling.

Nutrition-Response-Testing-Skin-Issues-Lombino-WellnessNot only is this embarrassing at times, but severe conditions can be life altering affecting nearly every aspect of one’s life. There are many reasons why skin conditions occur, ranging from yeasts, fungus, parasites, food or chemical toxicities among others. Many times standard medical treatment will include oral or topical medications which usually does not address the cause but instead acts like a “Band-Aid®”. Couple this with the possible toxic effect of these medications, and a person often runs the risk of going from bad to worse.

What is a person to do? If the skin condition continues what will it turn into in the future?

Well, there is hope in the form of Nutrition Response Testing®

We are presenting an hour long Nutrition Response Testing® workshop with the emphasis on skin conditions. At the workshop, we will explain how Nutrition Response Testing works and answer questions on any health concerns you may have including skin issues.

The first thing we determine is if you are a Nutrition Response Testing® case or not. If we find that you are a candidate for Nutrition Response Testing®, our experience is that nothing else will help you as much naturally and without medications.

Therefore, all attendees receive a Free Initial Nutrition Response Testing® screening which will help us determine if Nutrition Response Testing may help you. Call for a consultation.