Testimonials - Lombino Chiropractic and Nutritional Wellness
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I have been seeing Dr. Lombino since 2012. Every time I have a problem whether it be parasites or some sort of illness, in which modern doctors are unable to pinpoint the exact problem Dr. Lombino can, not only find the problem, but he can also solve it. I believe his Nutritional Response Testing program is much more efficient and sustainable than most other health programs common today.

– John, Highland Mills

I have been taking thyroid medication since 1979. Since the Spring of 2013 my endocrinologist has been trying to regulate my medication to relieve my shaking hand and also a nervous feeling inside my body (shaking inside). I mentioned this to Dr. Joseph Lombino. He muscle tested me and put me on supplements. Within two days I felt like my normal calm self. Thank you so much Dr. Joe.
– Joanne, Chester

I was recommended to come to Doctor Joe because my parents thought I was crazy. Dr. Joe helped me because he told me I was allergic to sugar, I had a parasite and I had lead in my forehead. I was a little scared at first but then I got used to him. He helped me all the way through the process. I lost 8 pounds, I do better in school and I feel a lot more confident in school and feel great. I also like his wife Denise. I always give her pictures and like talking to her. She taught me how to eat food that I didn’t like with a healthy lifestyle. I love everyone who helped me through this process. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!
– Tyler, Newburgh

I am very thankful that I found such a nice Doctor and staff. They have helped me when I felt weak and worn out. Within 5 days of following my protocol, the whole food supplements strengthened me, relaxed me and made me feel good again. They are definitely gifted healers for society. Thank you.

– Esther, Brooklyn

When I came to Dr. Lombino for the first time, I had problems with my feet. I suffered from cellulitis and took high doses of antibiotics. Nothing helped for a long time, until we decided to give Dr. Lombino a try. He made dietary changes to what I ate (mostly off sugar) and gave me a supplement protocol. Thank God, I am fine for over 5 years! I continue to go to Dr. Lombino to maintain my good health. I highly recommend that people go to him before their problems get really bad.

– Caroline, Brooklyn

When I came at first to Lombino Chiropractic & Nutritional Wellness, I used to be very nervous and I used to be everything except myself. I literally did not feel like a human being. Through Nutritional Response Testing I was transformed into a much stronger person physical and mentally. I owe my whole being to Dr. Lombino for making my whole life so much easier to accept and go a long with. Thank you so much for everything from the depth of my heart. Although I am still struggling, it will, with God’s help, never deteriorate to what I was back then.

–Esther, Monroe

I am a heart patient and I just had a stent implanted last year. I had to take 5 medications to make me feel better. But it made me feel extremely weak and tired. Now that I’ve started following Dr. Lombino’s supplements, I am feeling great and I am off all medications. My doctor told me after my check-up visit that he never takes his patient off of the medications but I was the exception. I don’t have to take any medications any more, since my heart is in perfect condition. I want to thank Dr. Lombino for all his help and for improving my health.

– Ari, Brooklyn

I’ve had very hard pregnancies, especially a Molar pregnancy. In the medical world, there is no reason for this. “It just happens” they told me. Their solution was 2 D&Cs. My health from then on spiraled out of control. I had a huge yeast infection after that and always felt cold. My blood work always came back normal, but after 2 years of not feeling well, I made a decision to look for something else to help me. My was question was always the same, “if everything is o.k., why am I not feeling o.k.!?” I then started to come to Dr. Lombion and I it was determined that I had a heavy metal in my thyroid and that my pituitary gland was not working properly. I started on the doctor’s recommended protocol of whole food supplements and in just a few weeks I felt like a new person. My body is detoxing from the heavy metal, I feel better and my head is clear!

– Malky, Brooklyn

My feeling of general well-being has improved 100%. My urinary inconsistency has decreased tremendously with the use of the supplements. My “arthritis” pains and muscle pains have also been gradually decreased with the avoidance of foods that the doctor recommended. My chiropractic adjustments also hold much longer than before doing Nutrition Response Testing.

– Margaret, Copake

Once I had something going on and I went to the hospital. They said I had a virus and I had brain fog. I went to Dr. Lombino. They helped me out a lot. They gave me nutrition that helped me. In a couple of days, I felt much better. I was able to go back to school without getting sick. Ever since I got better, I now love going back to school.

–Dylan, Highland Mills

Having food allergies, my life was hard each day. Now, being able to follow a Nutrition Response Testing protocol, I am living a healthy life each day.

–Elaine, Newburgh

I have suffered, for as far back as I can remember, with ulcers inside my mouth. I have been to medical doctors of all sorts and have taken various medications for years on end without getting any better and constantly living in pain. After going to Dr. Lombino, I have been ulcer free for the first time in three months. Being a Registered Nurse my first opinion of this alternative approach on wellness; I was not a complete believer. It has taken time and going through the process I believe the Nutrition Response program can ultimately help anyone willing to participate. Partaking in the Nutrition Response testing, I have taken whole-food supplements, altered my diet, and feel great and healthier than ever. Dr. Lombino and his great staff are friendly, approachable and empathetic to the issues that you are suffering with. They help you through eating healthy and taking the right supplements to fit your needs. I am a true believer that Nutrition Response Testing can aid in any issues you may have as long as you give it the time and patience that is needed. I would recommend partaking in the program to my family and friends who are in need.
–Samantha, Monroe

Doctors told me that I needed to schedule surgery to remove a growth on my rectum as soon as possible. Someone recommended that I should see Dr. Lombino. On my very first visit, I was told that the growth was a
nest for parasites. Following the protocol that Dr. Lombino gave me made the growth disappear. Thank you, Dr. Lombino for saving me from unnecessary surgery!

– Hersh, Brooklyn

My son used to be very unfocused. He did not even know his simple work on weekly tests. After a week of taking his supplements, my son became a new person. The principle himself called me in the middle of a test to tell me “I don’t recognize him” I couldn’t believe how well he was doing. For the first time, he knew answers on the weekly tests. Our lives are changed. Thank you Dr. Lombino for being our guide to helping my son.

-Joel Monroe