Thyroid Issues: Nutritional Response Testing May Help

Thyroid Issues: Nutritional Response Testing May Help
If you are suffering from thyroid issues or just concerned about the function of your thyroid, you are not alone. Estimates from the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists say that at least 30 million Americans have thyroid issues or disorders.

Thyroid IssuesOf that, 15 million, or about half, are silent sufferers who have conditions that go undetected. Women, in general, are ten times more likely to develop a thyroid problem than men. If you are a woman over 35, the odds of a thyroid disorder increase dramatically.

When thyroid function is compromised and persists over time, the symptoms usually worsen. Thyroid symptoms are varied and far-reaching and may include weight issues, mood swings, digestive problems and even reproduction or menopausal issues, just to name a few.

Many thyroid issues are the result of nutritional deficiencies which adversely affect its function. Nutrition Response Testing® is a safe, natural and drug-free way to help locate nutritional deficiencies and then find the specific whole food nutritional supplement your individual body needs. This is called Designed Clinical Nutrition and is the foundation to help replenish the exact nutritional deficiencies you are lacking.

So ask yourself:
How is this thyroid issue affecting my life?
Am I gaining weight, bloated, get hot flashes, short tempered with the co- workers, kids or even my spouse?
If this keeps going as it is, what will happen in the future?

If you are ready to make a real change in your life, call on us.
There is Hope in Nutrition Response Testing®.

The first thing we determine is whether you may be helped by Nutrition Response Testing®. If your condition is one that Nutrition Response Testing can help, we’re here for you. In our, experience nothing else will help as much as Nutrition Response Testing®.

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