Weight Gain

Weight Gain: Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

Weight Gain: Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

Nutrition Response Testing® May be your answer!

In our practice, we have seen a growing number of difficult weight gain issues. Although consumption of sugar and carbs has much to do with weight gain and weight retention, there are many cases where this is not the only factor involved. People exercise and diet, yet the weight does not come off. Why? There are numerous reasons.

For example, fungus can be an issue. Fungus proliferates in a medium where good flora can’t flourish, causing changes in your body’s PH among other issues. Once fungus is in the digestive tract, it multiplies and expands. The fungus can give you a bloated, sick feeling, not to mention weight gain.

Parasites can also raise havoc in the GI tract with very similar effects including weight gain. Parasites can infiltrate our bodies from utensils or other items. They can also enter through foods, like raw meat and sushi.

Another condition often missed by conventional means is the toxic gut. A toxic gut usually is the result of a chemical or heavy metal toxicity. Toxins are dispersed throughout our environment from dental fillings, additives in foods, hygienic products and a wide assortment of cleaning products and chemicals in the air we breathe. Toxic gut affects us in two ways; first in the GI tract with symptoms similar to those above, but also in increased fat cells. The body tries to protect us by holding toxic elements in our fat instead of releasing their adverse effects upon the body. So, by protecting us one way, the body causes other issues with consequences, including not being able to button our pants!

Nutrition Response Testing® (click here to read more) can help locate issues in the GI tract along with providing specific supplements that help mitigate fungus and parasites, and the toxic gut that so many people have. By restoring the good flora into the GI tract, the body can return to proper digestion. Good flora provided by our supplements not only helps weight loss but also improves absorption of nutrients from your food.

In the case of fungus and parasites, specific supplements can irradicate them. The toxic gut/ fat stores are handled by first eliminating the toxic elements followed by the restoration of proper intestinal flora destroyed by them.

Typically these ailments and effects are worsened by holiday foods and drinks that we have grown accustomed to enjoying.

So start your 2016 by getting healthy, losing weight, and improving the gut with Nutrition Response Testing® a safe and natural way to better health.
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